About Us

Naupaka Events & Weddings was named after the plant that is found  in Hawai'i and grows alongside the ocean and high in the mountains.  What's unique about this plant is the little half flowers that bloom.  Hawaiian legend tells a story of two lovers who were separated.  There are many versions of the story stating different reasons on why they were separated, but when reunited, form a whole flower.  


Born and raised on the island of Oahu,  I developed my interest in special events through my extensive work experiences and college education.   It wasn't until I married my husband, a Paniolo (cowboy) from Hawai'i Island that I decided I wanted to help other couples with their own wedding. 

For our wedding, we decided on a theme, "Mauka to Makai" meaning "From the mountain side to the ocean side" because of where we grew up - similar to how the Naupaka is grown on the mountain side and by the ocean side. 

Naupaka Events & Weddings understands the time and effort involved when planning a special event. It is important you are confident that a trusted company will be there to support you and see your special event all the way through from start to finish.  Consider using Naupaka Events & Weddings, where every detail counts. 




Photo By Michael Darden Photography


Photo By Ann Ferguson Photography